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Welcome to the homepage of The Leicester Speedway Supporters Club

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Lester Lion has received his membership package.

Have you?

You can still join the supporters' club and receive your unique badge and pen, by doing this we will be able to support the Lions and Cubs more next year.

You can download the membership form below. 

or email me on 

Hope to see you this year 

but if not  then let's stay positive about 2021.

2020 Membership Form.docx
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HIP, HIP, Hooray, Rob is 80 TODAY

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Anyone who has bought 50/50 Raffle tickets around the stadium in the last 8 years will know Rob and his red and yellow bucket. Rob Thomas has been going to the speedway since he was a young boy, first at Tamworth, then at Blackbird Road and now at Beaumont Leys. He first sold 50/50 tickets in 2012 with the late Dennis Manton. He now has a variety of helpers to carry the bucket for him. He has not missed a match since that time. In 2019 The Supporters Club decided to honour him with Life Membership in the Club to show their appreciation of his hard work. May it continue for many years Rob.

Have a great day.


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Rob also has another secret love, playing the maracas and the tambourine. With any band that will let him join in. Those of you at Sallyann and Martin’s wedding saw this for yourselves.


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Important Information

Hi there to all members and supporters of the LSSC.

We hope you are all keeping well in this current situation.

As the year progresses with the lockdown still in place for many people, it seems that even though great efforts are in place to hold matches, speedway has only a small chance of running this year. 

The Summer Competition has already been postponed until next year.

All the people who have renewed their LSSC Membership for 2020, will get their cards, badges and pens for 2020. Obviously if there is any racing this year they can be collected at the track. In the case of no racing, the club hasn’t decided yet how you will receive them as sending them by post is expensive and they could get lost. All 2020 members will receive a discount on next year’s membership. However if you want your 2020 badge and pen then you must join the club this year. Membership forms are on the website. I hope to hear from you soon.

Hopefully this will all end soon and we can get back to supporting our Lions and Cubs. All 2019/2020 members will get an email before the end of the week.

Please support us so we can support the riders when they finally get to race again.

2020 Membership Form.docx
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Time to have some fun. Can you name the riders in the 2 teams and the 2 years?

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Answers to Picture Quiz 1


2018 Lions Team

Danny King

Hans Andesen

Todd Kurtz

Kenneth Bjerre

Ktle Newman

Krystian Pieszcek

James Serjeant


2019 Cubs Team

Danyon Hume

Ellis Perks

Jamie Halder

Dan Thompson

Joe Thompson

Luke Ruddick

Kelsey Dugard

The Summer Competiton has been abandoned for this year. Those of you who entered will receive your money as soon as this lockdown ends.

PLEASE NOTE that due to the retirement of Greg Hancock the GP lineup has changed. 

Please use the new sheet below

2020 LSSC SPEEDWAY COMPETITION Entry Form (1).docx
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2020 LSSC SPEEDWAY COMPETITION Entry Form (2).docx
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On Thursday 20th February 2020 the AGM was held at the Blackbird Inn.

David Howard and Roger Webster were unable to attend but both wished it to be noted that they were grateful for all the support the LSSC has given the riders especially the Cubs.

The minutes of the last AGM were approved. No matters were arising.

The standing committee were re-elected with no-one standing against them. Chair - Ian Geary, Vice Chair - John Abrams, Treasurer - Sallyann PerkinsSecretary - Pauline Smith.

Other Committee members - Dan Archer Melvyn Hubbard, Martin Perkins, Rob Sensical, Julie Greening, Stephen Carter, Mick Stanley

Peter Brand became a new committee member.


lan Geary presented the Chair's report. He thanked Stewart, Dave and Richard for their support of the VIP and Shadowers each week. He thanked the promotion for giving us the most successful season the
teams have ever had. He mentioned that the 50/50 Raffle kept breaking records meaning we could support the riders more.


Sallyann Perkins gave the Treasurer's report. She stated that the Club will continue their support of paying for the Lions away tyres and will provide the tyres for the first 3 Cubs away matches. This will continue if there is sufficient funds coming in from the 50/50 cubs raffle. She also confirmed that as we sponsored a set of kevlars last season we will be auctioning Josh Bates' kevlars sometime during the season. The LSSC has contributed to the cost of the repair to the Dennis Manson Stand.

Pauline Smith then presented the Secretary's report. She noted that we already had over 30 members joined with several joining on the night. She expressed concern on the small numbers of children joining, The Summer Competition is running again but has been delayed with the retirement of Greg Hancock from speedway. The Facebook page will be updated regularly. The website is going to be completely revamped so watch this space. The Programme page will continue but this year with addition of a Memory Corner. So if any members have a fond memory, old or new, then bring your story to the LSSC Area on race nights.

A draw was then made for members only for a box of cupcakes. Julie Greening was the lucky winner.

In A.O.B. it was stated that Dan Archer along with John Abrams will run the away trips this year. A Travel Club has been set up and hopes to run more coaches this year. The first coach will be to Kent for the Lions first away match.


I (Pauline Smith) was honoured to be made a life member of the club along with my husband John for what we have done for the club. However, I would like to remind everyone that "there is no I in team". None
of us could do our jobs if we were not supported by the rest of the committee and club members.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.00pm

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Have a go at this Wordsearch courtesy of Mark Hall.

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It will soon be April and we can't wait. 

How well do you know the Lions and Cubs? 

Here is a quiz so you can find out.

The only clue is 4 old, 2 new and 2 confused.

Click HERE for the answers

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