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Welcome to the homepage of The Leicester Speedway Supporters Club

It will soon be April and we can't wait. 

How well do you know the Lions and Cubs? 

Here is a quiz so you can find out.

The only clue is 4 old, 2 new and 2 confused.

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Looking forward to 2020

Roll on March

Come on you Lions and Cubs.

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Season 2019
Well that's the 2019 season is over. And what a season it has been
Trophies, and medals of all kinds to both the Lions and the Cubs.
We even had a proposal of marriage on the centre green,
Tommy Curtis asked Kloe Sowter to be his wife. She said YES.
I wonder what 2020 will bring

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What a season!

The Lions and the Cubs are both League Champions. The Lions won the Championship Shield and the Cubs won the KO Cup. There was also some silver and bronze medals along the way.

The Awards Evening saw all the riders in attendance.

The Club and ther LSSC presented their Awards.

Ellis Perks has made history by winning all three Leagues in the same year.

What a fantastic evening. Can't wait for 2020.


Alan Jones and David Howard were kind enough to bring all 4 trophies to the Darts Nights on Wednesday. Joe and Dan came along as well.

There were chances to have your photo taken with the trophies.Even Lester Lion got his paws on the trophy

To see the photos from the Awards Night and the Darts Night with the Trophies click HERE.

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MARCH 2020

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 The VIP on Saturday 20th April 2019 was Tom Franks. He enjpoyed himself so much he sent the LSSC a message.

This is what he had to say: - 
      “I would like to say a BIG thankyou to the LSSC and Leicester Speedway. My first thoughts are how professional it is all run, what a wonderful experience it all was throughout the evening. To actually meet all the riders who were kind enough to spare me their time and the staff who were very kind and helpful. As I understand it Leicester are the only Club to do the VIP evening, what a pity, I feel bringing the riders to see the fans is quite an important idea to maintain the future of the sport, to have that link of being close to the riders makes the sport so much more enjoyable and has personally  encouraged  my wife and I to go to more matches etc. I think you have just got it just right.  On the itinerary last night, the centre green and ref’s box gave a greater prospective on what is going on in the meeting.

Walking the track with the lads and Stewart was brilliant and what a manager we are lucky to have. What other teams do what Leicester do for the fans ?  Finally meeting the riders is a wonderful memory to keep and cherish, thank you for the evening and I’m pretty sure this year will be a good one for the Lions

I am one very happy Lions Fan.”

Sunday 5th May 2019

An exciting afternoon at Eastbourne for the travelling fans. An away win by 1 point with all the bad luck seeming to come theur way. Besdt wishes to Jack for his speedy recovery. A big thanks to guest Josh Pickering who did us proud. Thanks also must go to Stewart who gave his time to talk yo the fans on the coach after the meeting.

Dan the Travel Man has just received this from the Eastbourne's Co promotor.

Hope that you all had a great day and safe trip home. Well done on your win and as I said the Stuart at the end, you had all the bad luck going during the meeting so may be justice served. It was great to see you at Arlington as part of another big crowd and great to hear an old fashioned war cry too. The winner is speedway and that's the most important thing of all... Best wishes and hope to see you all again soon. The Fans at Eastbourne are a credit to Leicester Speedway.
Regards Ian

Isn't this fantastic.
Its great to have this sort of support. I know we will try to get there again this year if we can


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Saturday 25th May
Another great win for the team. The lads really worked together to cover the loss of Josh in his first heat. Our best wishes go to him with a hope that he is back soon.
The 50/50 Raffle was won by James Farquhar with White Ticket 6517. He won the fantastic amount of £427.00
The Shadower for the night was Paul Kirkpatrick 

Click HERE to go to the Cubs Gallery

Click HERE to go to the Cubs Programme Pages

Click HERE to see all the Cubs Winners.

The LSSC have been collecting for the injured Cub, Jamie Halder. The collections were made last week at the Cubs meeting and tonight. You, the supporters, have dug deep and the total was £600. Well done to you all. A cheque was presented to Jamie’s father after the meeting.

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The VIP was young Jack Radford. His father Glen also was a VIP as he had to go with Jack as he was so young.
Jack chose Ellis Perks as the Rider of the Night.

Jack has contacted the LSSC. This is what he had to say,

 "I just want to say what a fantastic experience I've had tonight. Thanks to the supporters Club for organising this. I'd like to thank the team for taking their time to include me in the track walk and explaining things as we walked around the track. Stuart Dickson is a great manager and has made a great team spirit, with plenty of banter. A great experience and a wonderful evening. Thanks again". Jack Radford

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Summer Competition

The second table (after the Krsko GP) is now completed.. Click HERE to see the full table


If you would like the LSSC to run coaches to the Lions and Cubs Away meetings then you will have to register your interest in plenty of time so that we can book the coach. 

Sunday 2nd June Cubs v The Potters
The rain came but the lads triumphed. Both teams deserve a medal for riding in such greasy conditions. After losing Ellis in the first heat the Cubs were down to 5 men. They all rode their hearts out. It was difficult to chose a Rider of the Night but the VIP John Malpus eventually chose the Captain Danyon Hume.
The 50/50 Raffle was won by Rob Thomas with White ticket 6563. He won £75.50.
Our best wishes go to Ellis with the hope he is back riding soon.


Do you know your membership number? Starting this week, and at every Lions match until the end of August, there will be a new draw open only to LSSC members. A number will be drawn when the gates open. The number will be displayed on the LSSC notice board and announced during the meeting. if it is your number then show your membership card to Pauline either at the 50/50 table or below the ref’s box at the end of the meeting to claim your prize. You could win a ticket for a Lions or Cubs meeting or a DVD from Clean Cut Sports. You must be there to claim your prize on the night.
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The little lion cub is called Lester Lion. 

He went to Plymouth to see the Cubs.

Follow his adventures on Lester's Page. Click HERE



If you are going to Birmingham this Wednesday the take your Leicester Season Ticket or LSSC membership card (with identity info) with you and you will get a £5 discount.'

Get along to Perry Barr and support your Lions team.


We would like to run as many coaches to away meetings as possible especially as we now have a winning team to support. To do this we need you to register your interest as soon as possible. We have booked a coach to Eastbourne on June 30th but you must sign up quickly.

You can do this at the meeting or on the Facebooks page or by the website contact page.

Upcoming meetings we would like to travel to are:-

Berwick Saturday 13th July

Glasgow Friday 26th July

For prices and other information see us at the 50/50 table or on the website. Remember you get a discount if you are a LSSC member.


If you want the coaches to run then you must sign up tomorrow, Sunday 16th June. If there are not enough numbers then reluctantly we will have to cancel them.

It is now up to you.

LSSC members, don't forget your memberships cards tomorrow. You may win a ticket to the next match.

Summer Competition

After the third GP in Prague there are joint leaders/ Click HERE to see the full table.

Sunday 16th June
Another great meeting with some brilliant races.
The 50/50 Raffle was won by Richard Glover with White Ticket 6748. He won £317.
The Shadower was Dave Spiers and the VIP was Chris Ballard. Chris chose Scott Nicholls as the Rider of 5he Night.
The Membership Card number was not claimed tonight, so make sure you have you card with you next time.
By the way Lester was early tonight waiting for the action to start.


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Sunday 23rd June 2019 - The Championshio Fours at Peterborough

The Lions Fans were out in force at the Fours. The Lions missed out on a place in the final. Mark Hall was there and has sent us some photos.

Click HERE to see them.

Lester Lion was there as well. Click HERE to see his photos

Saturday 29th June 

What a meeting, some fantastic racing but also lots of accidents. Hope everyone is OK and will be back riding soon.

The 50/50 was won by Mrs S Wilson. The winning ticket was White 7021. She won the enormous sum of £433.50. She has already won the 50/50 this season. Lucky lady.

The Shadower was Peter Brand. The VIP’s were Tim Clarke and his daughter Rhianna. They chose Ryan Douglas as the Rider of the Night.

The LSSC Members draw was Number 64. This was Susanne Wait . She won a ticket to a Cub’s match. Watch out for your number next week.

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Sunday 30th June Eastbourne v Lions

Travelling Fans proud of their team

This is what our brilliant club is all about! All the lads gave 100% and our team manager and great captain come on the minibus to thank all the fans. Keep it going lads we are all behind you!!



The trip to Berwick on July 13th is ON so those that have said they are going we need the money on Friday night and there are more seats available for those wanting to go! Prices are £40 for members and £45 for non members leaving at 11:30am.

There is still time to book a seat. Contact Dan Archer on 07543633636.
Keep supporting the boys and give us an L!

Friday 5th July 2019

We nearly did it,,,, What a race meeting.
The 50/50 Raffle was won by John Malpus with Yellow Ticket 7240. He won £318.50.
The VIPs were Keira Beresford and her mother Sue. The Shadower was Michael Geary. The Rider of the Night was Connor Mountaib.
The Membership Number Draw was 64, this was Susan Bright who won a ticket for a Lions Meeting.

Click HERE to go to the Lions Gallery

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Click HERE to see all the Lions Winners.

Click HERE to follow Lester's  adventures.

The Summer Competition Table after GP4 in Hallstavik is now on the website. Click HERE to see the table..

Sunday 14th July
A brilliant meeting after the disappointment of last night.
The 50/50 was won by Richard Sheriff with Yellow ticket 7268. He won £342.50.
We had two VIPs this week, Gordon Spencer and Brian Miller with his granddaughter Ebony.
The Rider of the Night was Scott Nicholls.
The Member’s Number draw was not claimed.

There are over 60 photos from this match in the Gallery so click HERE to go to the Lions Gallery and see them.


Click HERE to go to the Lions Programme Pages


Click HERE to see all the Lions Winners.

Lester finally made it to Berwick on Saturday 13th July. Click HERE to see his story.

Wednesday 17th July  Lions v Monarchs

The winning Ticket was Yellow 7377.

The Prize was £353.

This prize was not claimed.

Please check your tickets. 

If you have it bring it to the 50/50 table asap.

It was great to see Ritchie in the pits tonight. Lets hope he will soon be back. He is pictured here with the VIP Dave Sowter. Dave chose Joe Lawler as the Rider of the Night.

The Membership Number was 48. This was Ian Wells who won a ticket to a Cubs Match.

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Tuesday 23rd July

The mud changed to heat for the cubs match. Stewart Dickson and the track staff did a fantastic job of keeping the dust away. Well done to you all. Here's hoping the walking wounded on the team are not too bruised.

The unclaimed ticket from the 18th May (Red 6765, Prize £158.50) will now go into the Cub's Fund as it is over two months since the draw.

The photos from this match and the winner of the 50/50 Raffles are now on the Cubs pages.

Click HERE to go to the Cubs Gallery

Click HERE to go to the Cubs Programme Pages

Click HERE to see all the Cubs Winners.


                        Lester Lion has been with Martin Perkins                           on his Stag do in Prague. I hope they didn't                                           cause any trouble.

Click HERE to follow Lester's  adventures.

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See all the photos and winners from Tuesday 3rd September

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Click HERE to go to the Summer Competition Page for Table 7

Lester has been on his travels again.

Click HERE to follow Lester's  adventures.

Saturday 7th September 

The latest table for the Summer Competition is now on the page as are the photos and winners from Saturday's Cub match.

Click HERE to go to the Cubs Gallery

Click HERE to go to the Cubs Programme Pages

Click HERE to see all the Cubs Winners.

Click HERE to go to the Summer Competition Page for Table 8

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Lester Lion was in Cardiff for the trwo days of the Cardiff GP. 

Click HERE to follow him.

Sunday 15th September. Championship Sheild Final against Eastbourne
What a fantastic night for the club, the team and the supporters. Now onto the Playoffs.
You supporters are a generous lot. Tonight’s 50/50 Raffle prize was a record breaking £642.50. 
The VIP tonight was a very lucky ladymeeting the riders when they had just won the Championship Shield
There was no Rider of the Night, as it could only be the Team of the Night tonight

Tuesday 10th September
Another decisive win by the Cubs, keep going lads.
The winner of the 50/50 Raffle was Vanessa La Band with White 8388. She won £180.
The Rider of the Night was Ryan Terry-Daley chosen by Julie Greening.

All  the pages have neen updated so why not visit the galleries to see pictures from the Lions and Cubs pages. All the winners are there and all the LSSC programme pages as well.

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