50 - 50



50/50 Raffle                                                                   VIP

Monday March 26th

Winner- John Harvey

Ticket - White 2349

Prize - £312

The VIP was Johnanna Wileman

                            The Rider of the Night was Kristian

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 50/50 Raffle

Ticket - Yellow 1371

Prize -  £256

Winner - Gordon Spencer

Monday July 17th Lions v Robins

Ticket - Blue 1214 

Prize - £317 

Winner - Cyril Smith  

4 young supporters choose and then presented Josh Bates with the Rider of the Night at the meeting against Kings Lynn


Saturday July 9th British Youth Championship

Ticket Red 1166

Prize £34.50



Saturday June 17th Lions v Aces

Ticket White 0921

Prize £293.50

Winner Stuart Morely


Saturday June 10th Lions v Rebels

Ticket Yellow 0951

Prize £243.50

Winner Sharon Hazelwood


Saturday June 3rd Lions v Pitates

Ticket Red 0889

Prize £248

Winner Paul Cooper


Monday May 29th Lions v Rockets

Ticket Blue 0668

Prize £298.50

Winner Lea Benniston


Saturday May 27th British Sidecar Championship

Ticket White 0358

Prize £80.50

Winner Mr J Coley


Monday May 15th Lions v Wolves

Ticket Red 0435

Prize £240

Winner Martin Holt


Saturday May 6th  Ivor Brown Trophy

Ticket Yellow 0417

Prize £158.50

Winner Kevin Holloway


Saturday April 15th Lions v Rebels

Ticket Red 0511

Prize £306.50

Winner Mrs G Shawley


Saturday April 8th Lions v Pirates

Ticket Yellow 0143

Prize £342.50

Winner Matthew Fox


Saturday April 1st Lions v Robins

Ticket Green 0095

Prize £343

Winner Howard Archer

2017 Raffle Winners

2017 Rider of the Night


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Howard Archer shadowing the Clerk of the Course Richard Cassidy

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John Beckett with Josh Bates

Saturday 12th August Lions v Rockets

50/50 Raffle

Ticket - Red 1738  

Prize money - £279.50

Winner - Robert Shakespeare

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Riger of the Night 

Josh Bates chosen by Rachael Smith

Joanne Cross shadowed the Clerk of the Course

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50/50 Raffle

Prize Money £268.50

Winning Ticket Yellow 1441

Winner Paul Bennett. 


John Beckett presents

Lasse Bjerre with

the Rider of the Night

Monday July 24th Lions v Stars

Saturday 5th August Lions v Stars.

50/50 Raffle

Winning Ticket - Blue 1878

Prize monEy - £308.50

Winner -  Claimed


Ticket drawn by Pam Hallam


Rider of the Night - Erik Riss 

 chosen by John Smith

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Image description

Saturday 26th August Lions v Rebels

50/50 Raffle

Prize money £268.50

Winning Ticket White 1841

The winner was N. Gilmore

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Rider of the Night

The Rider of the NIght was Kim Nilsson, chosen by Sallyann Ashenden


Saturday 19th August Lions v Aces

Friday 1st September 2017 Lions v Wolves

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Image description

50/50 Raffle

Prize money £313.50p

Winning Ticket Blue 2120

The winner was Mike Voce

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Image description

50/50 Raffle

Prize money £313.50p

Winning Ticket Blue 2120

The winner was Mike Voce

 LSSC VIP for the evening was Amy Calpin. She chose Kyle Newman as the Rider if the Night.

Go to the Stories page to see what she had to say about her evening.

Sunday 24th September NLRC


50/50 Raffle £210


Winning Ticket Red 2553


The winner was Alison Yapp.

It was her first time at Beaumont Leys but she said she would be back again.

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Monday 15th October Lions v Tigers

The winner of the final 50/50 of 2017 was Sharon Hazlewood. She won £230 with Red ticket number 2696

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Sunday 17th September Lions v Bees


50/50 Raffle


Prize money £277.50p


Winning Ticket Blue 2346


The winner was Stuart Morley



24th July

50/50 Winners

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Samantha Cox


pink 185 (ac331097)

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First winner of 2016

Paul Fletcher- £194.50

Green 31


Below this point is from 2015

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John Harvey

blue ticket 289


Lions v Bees

Image description

Chrisine Anderson

blue ticket 139


Lions v Stars

Image description

Michael Cochrane-

blue ticket 231


Lions v Lakeside

Image description

Steve Barrett-

pink ticket 397


Lions v Belle vue

Image description

John Cross-

blue ticket 482-


Lions v Bees

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Volunteer and Lions season ticket holder Robert Thomas won £280 at the ELRC

The first 50/50 winner of 2015 goes to;

Lisa Green- pink ticket 456- £282.50


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Image description

Sue Summerfield

Paul Parr

Below this point is from 2015

Stephen Carter with The Lions behind him (below)

lssc vip

Brian Freeman with Chris Sully and David Hemsley (below)

lssc- vip

Joseph Tovey (below)

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Sylvia Radforth VIP(below)

Image description

LSSC Second  VIP Sylvia Radforth(unable to attend)

Was replaced by Geoff Wardle (below)

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Kian Johnson VIP (below)

Image description