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2017 LSSC Speedway Competition

The first mini competiton was - Which rider was the most popular choice for the competitors and which rider was the least popular choice. No one got it right. The prize of £10 of 50/50 raffle tickets were still bought but they did not win. Answer was Most Popular - Jason Doyle and Bartosz Smarslik and Least Popular was Matej Zagar.

The second mini competition was - Which Polish riders will come highest in the Cardiff GP and how many points will the 4 Poles get between them. Closing date was just before the Cardiff GP. The winner of a box of cholcolates was Lee Rudbach.

WATCH this space for the final mini competition of the year 

THe final mini competiton for a surprize prize.

All you have to do is answer these questions :-

1.    Who will finish 3rd overall in the GP series?

2.    Who will finish 8th overall in the GP series ?

3.    How many points will the Aussies score in the final GP 

Answers must be sent before the start of the final GP in Australia.