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Amy Calpin was the LSSC VIP for the evening for the match against the Wolves. This is what she had to say about it :-


My VIP evening was worth the membership money alone. It was a unique experience.

The track walk was enlightening, listening to the riders’ perspective.

Is was so busy in the pits and fast paced. It was great to see all our riders supporting each other.

The team rode better tonight than the score belies.

The referee was very helpful and clearly explained what was happening.

Kyle Newman just had to be my rider of the night.

Thankyou to the LSSC for making this happen.

Monday July 24th 2017 was a special night for Howard Archer and John Beckett. They had been chosen as LSSC members to shadow the Clerk of the Course (Howard) and be a VIP for the evening (John). This is what they thought about it.


Howard said :-

I must thank Richard Cassidy and all the staff at Leicester Speedway for a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the Kings Lynn match. Having attended well over a thousand meetings so far in my life  it was fascinating to see what really goes on. If you have ever wondered from the terraces why things do or don’t happen this opportunity of shadowing the clerk of the course could answer all those questions. All the Leicester staff are very professional and hardworking but also very friendly. A special thankyou to Richard for answering my many questions particularly at the stressful time when there were issues with the sun affecting the riders vision.

A final thought is that if you are like me and think you know what the clerk of the course does, then increase that thought at least tenfold and you might be nearly there. He is a very hardworking man.

Finally I must thank the LSSC for giving me this opportunity. It is my first year as member of the LSSC and it won’t be the last.

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John  said :-

 I have been a supporter of 68 years and I have never been in the pits until tonight. It was a great, great night.  As I was an engineer I enjoyed watching the riders tune their engines. I even recorded the sound of them warming up on my iPhone. The walk round the track with the riders and listening to what they were saying about setups for the conditions was very interesting. Watching the racing from the rider’s viewpoint was certainly different. The visit to the referees box was a unique experience especially as there were 3 refs, one a trainee. Everyone I met was very friendly. It was a fabulous evening. I am so grateful to the LSSC for making this happen. It is worth being a member just for this.


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