Winter Competition

There will be several competitions during the winter, Every entry that is correct (or nearly correct) will be entered for the draw which will be at the last Darts Night in March. You can enter every competition so it will be possible to have several chances at winning. The prizes will be tickets to a match next season.

The rules are simple:-

1. You must be a member of the LSSC

2. You need to get all (or most of) the answers correct.

3. Send your answers to the Winter Compeition email, Click HERE  or see Pauline at the

Darts League/Social Nights any Wednesday at the Keeper's Lodge.



Closing date is Febuary 25th  Final draw will be made at the AGM on February 27th


1.   Put the seven Leicester Lions in order of age with the oldest first.


2.   Who am I?

a.   I am a Yorkshire lad.

b.   I am a Yorkshire lad as well but I have ridden in a GP

c.   I have never ridden in the UK before.

d.   I have never ridden in the UK before but I am an experienced GP rider.

e.   I have ridden in over 80 GP’s

f.    I have only ridden in 1 GP but I am English

g.   I am the only rider left.


3.   Can you identify your riders?

Image description
Image description
Image description
Image description

         1                                  2                           3                                       4

Image description
Image description
Image description

                      5                                         6                                      7

Download a copy of the competition here,

Enter file download description here

Competition 3 (Wordsearches) answers

Adult Wordsearch

The two riders in the list but not on the wordsearch are Danny King and Jason Doyle.en

The two roders in the wordsearch but not in the list are Magnus Karlsson and James Sarjeant.

Junior Wordsearch

The two riders not in the wordsearch are Magnus Karlsson and Jan Graversen

Well done to all who entered. Your names go into the final draw.

Winter Competition Number 3

Find the riders in the word search.

Download it now and have a go.

Competition 3 Word Search.docx
Enter file download description here

For the younger members of the LSSC there is an eaier word search.

Download it and have a go.

Easy Leicester Riders.docx
Enter file download description here

Answers need to be in by February 15th

There was one winner in Competition 1. It was Sue Beresford. Her name will go into the hat for the draw for a pair of tickets to a match next season. 

The Second Winter Competition is now closed. The names that will go into the draw are Jack Radford, Pete Brookes and Sue Beresford. The answers are shown below.

The next Competition will be in the New Year


Leicester Riders

1.  REDIHANMNCESKA andersmichanek

2.   BNGOHJRULEO johnboulger

3.   ALODANCNAL W alanceowland

4.   EA TERKENYEDWE dewaynekeeter

5.   RMAASSMLLKHEPACEOE malcolmshakespeare

6.   RLCWLBNMOOAM malcolmbrown

7.   TRMNKRCUYEAO markcourtney

8.   CLEIILLSNNO neilcoflins

9.   EORMSRORANTN normanstorer

10.   AORIL YNSW raywilson

11.   KOGMRKACPLIOES kacpergomolski

12.   MRMUEAONRSAS aaronsummers

13.  SBWIACLBDKILRE lewisblackbird

14.  INIENAJKRMA jarimakinen

15.   TPMYEORR tomperry

16.   ZANWOSIYZOMNK szymonwozniak

17.   GAEGXMCL maxclegg

18.   LDGDGLERUVNNII ludviglindgren

19.   KEGNIYDRARSE sergeydarkin

20.   IKUKNMNAONEEI kaukonieminen

21.   ROYZKIZCKZBOWTKUFSS krzysztofbuczkowski

22.   Y JOASNDEOL jasondoyle

23.   NWEKMANLEY kylenewman

24.   EJAEVNRSARGN jangraversen

25.   ELVNORJHIO johnoliver