Winter Competition

There will be several competitions during the winter, Every entry that is correct (or nearly correct) will be entered for the draw which will be at the last Darts Night in March. You can enter every competition so it will be possible to have several chances at winning. The prizes will be tickets to a match next season.

The rules are simple:-

1. You must be a member of the LSSC

2. You need to get all (or most of) the answers correct.

3. Send your answers to the Winter Compeition email, Click HERE  or see Pauline at the

Darts League/Social Nights any Wednesday at the Keeper's Lodge.

COMPETITION No, 1 - Closing Date 21st October 2017 (Score 20 or more to be entered for the final draw)

1. Can you identify your current team members from these descriptions?    (7 points)

    a. I have ridden in a GP and have been a British Champion three times.

    b. I am a WTC winner and a national champion. I am also a winner of the Fours.

    c. I have won a League medal, a KO Cup medal as well as a Pairs medal and was the Champion of my    


    d. I am a medal winner in all three leagues as well a KO Cup and Fours Winner

    e. I have ridden in several GP’s and will be a wild card this year for my home GP.

     f. I am a world long track champion.

    g. Which rider is missing?

2, Name the Lions team that went through the whole season with just seven riders and what year was it?

    (8 points)

3. Who are these riders (6 points) :-